Someone screwed up at Adobe...

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Ergo607 Senior Member • Posts: 1,257
Someone screwed up at Adobe...

I have my heart set on the E-30, and have my money ready to buy one, but until a problem is solved, there is a no go. I am a very happy Lightroom user, of which I got great results, untill I tried the E-30. I find the results I get with the E-30 + Lightroom very disappointing to say the least, since all photo's have a very 'brownish under-cast' (very hard to describe, but it is definitely there.)

Anyway, this afternoon I received a Lightroom preset from Eelco, a fellow member. He only got one E-30 photo to work with (he himself has the E-3), and the preset was not very good, but he was definitely on to something. It was a perfect basis to work further on, and one afternoon playing with several photos, I think I am on my way on bettering the Lightroom colors:

Adobe profile:

Watch the reds, which, perticularly in the shadows are very harsh (see the lemon in the coke glass.)


Ok, I probably have to work the yellows a little bit more, but, to me, it's quite an improvement already.

Here is what I did:
Camera calibration:

  • Shadows: -10

  • Red Hue: +10

  • Red Saturation: -5

  • Green Hue: -5

  • Green saturation: +5

  • Blue hue: +10

  • Blue saturation: 0

The contrast is a little softer, especially on the reds, and, although I didn't check that toroughfully, I think there is a little more headroom in the highlight DR (because the reds tended to clip early with the Adobe profile.)

Mind you: these are s-RGB JPg's for the web, so the difference should be subtle in comparisson with the Adobe RGB photo's I work on, but a difference there is...

In the E-30 review they state that Adobe's E-30 processing algorithm is not optimal, I hope they get it right with the next LR update...

All comments welcome.

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