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Re: Totally wrong.

carlk wrote:
There in no borrowing my children'smoney. Spending more than what
economy can produce is bad but that's not the case at this moment.
It's just the opposite. The money is needed to move the economy
again and everyone, my children included, will benefit. There is
good spending and bad spending. Good spending is what will will
results in increased productivity and bad spending is not. The
current policy has just saved the economy. My children's future will
only be affected if the economy is going a downhill slide.

You guys are listening too much of those one liners from the talk
show people who all have a hidden agenda. They make loads of money
from the shows and really don't care if the administration fails or
economy tanks long as the result is electing someone such as the one
with pictures show in the op that can appoint some anti-abortion
anti-gay supreme court judges. Keep on dreaming!

NickMJr wrote:

How will all that spending help your children? Do you feel
comfortable that the government is borrowing your childrens money?

When you have no money, would you take out a loan, for more money that you can make in the next 10 years?
Nick M

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