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Re: 5D Mark II with Sarah Palin

Something interesting for both of you:


The topic you discuss is played from the 7'th minute on (of course you can watch from start if you have time)

or if you have even more time :



me_wwwing1 wrote:
Carl that is not economics. spending all that money spent right is a
good thing.
its inflation that causes the slow down for a recession to set in.
spending money creates jobs in hope of taking that family of aid and
that worker adding to Fed and State coffers. which is then spent on
things to help more GROWTH.

carlk wrote:

You really don't konw economics do you. No matter how much money is
printed it's all dead money if people are stash them away instead of
spending them. It was all dead money and whole economy was about to
tank (that's when you're going to lose your monthly check too )
before the new money was injected into the economy. You know anyone
who lost their jobs because people were too scared to spend? I know
quite a few including someone in my family.

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