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Re: 5D Mark II with Sarah Palin

GaryJP wrote:

Where's the market going now dude?

lets see. the Fed brought in 32% less in taxes from a yr ago. yet they are spending more money then being brought in. gee, tell me is that the way you handle your money. now both Houses are talking about spend AGAIN another trillion dollars.

we are in for a long down turn. when BO got in his money group together they said we we would be out by 3rd qtr 09. now they are saying 2nd qtr 2010.

me, i say when you see copper turn upwards. then we will have a better understanding of the upward movement. copper is key to home building and manufacturing.

true the object of spending is to create jobs and get a return from the workers to taxes in the future. but where are all the jobs? no jobs, no revenue for the FED.

remember that big sucking sound going to Mexico. then Billy boy put in place that sucking sound called NAFTA. which created 19 million jobs. he passed a Rep. bill and took the credit for it. ah, both houses were in control of the Rep. party.

lets look at what lame duck president is. it's where the 2 houses are controlled by the other party and the other party can't get anything done. so who was in charge when they let sub prime get out of hand? Dems!

who was the CEO of AIG, and made 100 million in 2 yrs? then AIG goes belly up. where is he now? oh, he's on BO's Financial Board. nice uh?

smart money reacts to the govn't spending - Because it is 1/3rd of all money spent in this country. the other 2/3rds is consumer spending. - so just how much can they spend when their taxes are raised, gas goes up and food goes up? answer they don't spend more then they bring home. recession sets in.

as for the path we are on. smart money reacts to who's spending and how much.

here's my advise. understand both parties like sports. know the competition and the players. there are good guys on both sides. then there are players that real stink on both sides. when you understand who has the ball you can guess at the game plan and make your bets.

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