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Re: 5D Mark II with Sarah Palin

You really don't konw economics do you. No matter how much money is printed it's all dead money if people are stash them away instead of spending them. It was all dead money and whole economy was about to tank (that's when you're going to lose your monthly check too ) before the new money was injected into the economy. You know anyone who lost their jobs because people were too scared to spend? I know quite a few including someone in my family.

me_wwwing1 wrote:
talk about brains. the market fell 1000 point in the week before BO
was elected. another 1000 points the DAY he was elected. smart money
knew BO was going to add a few trillion dollar to the national debt.
i hear by 2019 it will add 9 trillion more.

it's always nice to spend the other guys money. until it runs out too!

by the way - those of us that are retired. pay only 15% in Fed taxes.
so spend away. hehe
i know i'll take advantage of the bennies! i thank your children for
paying for them.

jw1000 wrote:

Too bad she doesn't have the
brains to go with that body.

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