Any difference between D3 and D700?

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Re: nice going claude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Your subsequent posts show you to be "not all bad." Perhaps a bit quick on the Reply button, but since I exhibited that very same tendency on this very same thread, it keeps me from making too big a fuss over it. Pot calling the kettle and all that.


JulesJ wrote:
Yup I can take photos and be bitingly cruel. What's you forte, not
journalism I see. Lol. Read my later posts before you reply, I'm not
all bad...I hope.

RoccoGalatioto wrote:

What I always wonder is how some people are so pedantic and petulant.
Can these people actually take any photos? Maybe the phrase "get a
life" fits them to a tee.
Rocco Galatioto

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Crickets have ears on their legs.

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