Patents evidence of a 3CCD Trine E-4?

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Patents evidence of a 3CCD Trine E-4?

Some weeks ago I was fascinated by a thread entitled "The Riddle of Trine" where knowledgeable posters such as Rriley, Ehrik, Eamon Hickey and DriftForge debated back-and-forth over the theoretical concept of a 3CCD Four Thirds camera. Sure, 90% of the discussion was over my head, but I still feel I learned a lot ... plus, it was refreshing to see enlightened discussion without unnecessary ego and drama. Anyway. Here's the thread I speak of:

The reason I'm resurrecting the subject: I recently stumbled onto the Google Patents search site and for kicks, I did a search for "Olympus". A few interesting things came up which reminded me of the Trine thread. Maybe they don't mean much, but since I'm in no way technically competent enough to make that determination on my own, I thought I'd bring it up anyway and maybe some of the more knowledgeable types could chime in. Specifically, here are examples of the interesting patents recently filed by Olympus ...

(1) What seems to be a new concept camera with a beamsplitter that splits the lightpath into red, green and blue wavelengths. Figure 1 on the patent application sure looks like the diagram Rriley included in his original Trine post. However, from the patent application, it's difficult to ascertain if Olympus envisions this concept for a stills camera or something else. I quote from paragraph 62 of the patent application: " ... the camera of the present invention can be applied to a TV camera, a cinema camera, a movie camera for contents production, a STILL CAMERA [emphasis added], a monitoring camera, a security camera, a measuring instrument, a medical camera, and the like."

Anyway, it's interesting stuff. Take a look. That patent was filed in December 2008. What do you think? Here's the link:

(2) I learned from the Trine thread that dust would be big challenge in this type of camera since cleaning would be very difficult. This means a 3CCD E-4 would need the best dustbuster in the business. Looks like maybe Olympus has taken a look at improving its SSWF? Check out this patent filed October 2008:

(3) I also learned from the Trine thread that heat generation and thermal noise could be a potential issue. Therefore, good airflow through the camera innards would be essential. Seems as if Olympus is cognizant of this, too. In the following patent application (filed June 2008), a camera with air intake/outake vents and a cooling fan is conceptualized:

This is 100% speculation, but could the above three patents be additional pieces to the Trine puzzle? Any thoughts from the experts resident on this forum?


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