dp2 lens quality ?

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Re: dp2 lens quality ?

Hi, there is almost no color aberration on the DP2 lens...there is some fringing happening with high contrasted details and around highlight in bokehs. I think the lens is still fantastically sharp and I take it as a characteristic of the dp cameras rather than a fault. All subjective to me.

That 5th image you're talking about, it's just an out of focus area, I don't see any fringing happening there. But if you really want to see what it would look like, check this image:

I boosted the saturation on purpose otherwise the effect is less noticeable.

And for DP1, the minimal aperture was smaller so you couldn't notice it that much in out of focus details. Still incredibly sharp.

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Boubou wrote:

Hi All!
I am new to this forum, and I can't thank you enough for the amazing
quality of this forum, which you are all responsible for.

Now, I seriously intend buying a DP2.
The improvements over the DP1 seem substantial, as proved by the
numerous pictures (especially in color accuracy). And I like the
41-mm better.

BUT... after looking at a lot of pictures provided in this forum, It
seems that the DP2 presents a slight cyan fringing, maybe due to
chromatic aberration, which the DP1 didn't showed. I may sound a
little picky, but chromatic aberration is what prevented me from
buying a G10, for instance.

So, have the users of the DP2, who previously owned the DP1, noticed
this, or am I just imaginating things?

here is an example: look at the fifth image, at the left corner:

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