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Re: Canon admits to their problems?

Maybe my 20+ years in high-tech industry have made me a bit sceptic / pessimistic, but ...

Kabe Luna wrote:

You mean the way it was denied that the 5D has a manufacturing defect
that increases the likelihood its reflex mirror with unseat from the
frame for 3 years, then admits it and announces a fix when the camera
is replaced by the 5DII, which already incorporates the fix?

Do you think it would make even sense if a company comes "out from closet" to tell we have problems, before they really know there is a problem that affect at least a significant proportion the the gear sold?

If it would be a life or heath threatening problem, I guess the rules are much more strict, but I see no such in these camera cases.

5D mirror fix - I have seen some incident reports this has happen, but have not seen any analysis this would be in a statistically significant portion of 5Ds sold. As the glue may be sensitive to temperature and humidity changes and deteriorate in time, it may be very difficult to say in the early days of the camera if this is a problem or not. So the normal industry practice I have seen is to collect data from the service centers and issue a service note when it become evident this is a problem the company should take responsibility. This is how I see has happened.

Or maybe you mean Canon's early response to the 1DIII AF issue, which
was that users learn how to use their new, complex AF system (i.e.,
the camera's fine, the problem's with the user)?

Although the real root cause of this is likely a poor electromechanical design, these manufacturing problems are extremely hard to track. When some units (may even have been most form early production) are OK and some are not, the investigation may take some time. With complicated systems the user errors can newer be rules out as one cause of problems.

In time Canon was able to track down the problems and made corrective actions to bring theoir AF to the level I guess can reach. I do not see what else they could have done.

Or the weak mode dials on the film-era EOS 5/A2/A2E models, which
were denied for what seemed like eons and blamed on improper customer
use (turning the dial without first depressing the lock release

Or how about the current 5DII problem with imbalanced green channel
readouts that can lead to random occurrences of moire in images? Have
you read the official Canon statement about that one? Neither have I,
but I've seen the problem in a handful of my images.

Random occurances - in all cameras or just in some units?

If in all cameras, in real shooting situation or more or less artificial "test setups"?

Just a ccouple of questions perhaps worth thinking before demanding an open statement "there is now a new HUGE problem". Luckily I have newer gone to get a 5D or 5D2 as they seem to be causing only problems and no usable images (This was a sarcastic statement.)

If this is an issue they can fix in some new FW release, is there actually any need for more "official Canon statement". If this is a behavior of some units (or even all units) and cannot be corrected, is there a need for "official Canon statement" - or is this just to be considered as "a feature" of the camera.

(Ironically, it
seems very much like the dreaded striping/banding problem of your
detested D200 when overexposed significantly, which are the same
conditions under which I've had images ruined by moire with the 5DII).

Don't get me wrong, I've used Canon since 1992. I've also used a lot
of Nikon gear, and a bit of Minolta for the sake of curiosity and the
one consistency is that they all have made big goofs at one time or
another, and none of them are eager to admit to problems they can't
resolve. You can be assured that any manufacturer that's 'fessing up
to a defect in their product has already identified it internally and
are near completion of their fix or have already completed it and
it's in the late stages of testing.

Stick with Canon long enough and you'll certainly be given a great
reason to bail on that brand, too.

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