Dimage Viewer - bug ridden cr*p?

Started Aug 14, 2002 | Discussions thread
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Re: Dimage Viewer - bug ridden cr*p?

Well, I'm using XP and I've got 512MB RAM. the DIVU takes forever to load (I get to stare at little gray boxes for a long time before they are replaced by actual pictures) and it tends to crash. Wonderful camera, horrible viewer.

Larry Cunningham wrote:
I'm not totally enthralled with the program myself, but it has
never crashed on me, even once, after hundreds of uses. I'm using
Windows 98 with 256MB of RAM, in case that makes any difference.

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Lawrence Wilkes wrote:

Do you find the Dimage Viewer bug ridden cr*p? or is that being too

Seems to crash too often in my experience.
Particularly if you rotate an image, save it and then move on to
the next image. Always seems to crash in this case for me.

I don't have to use it I know. But, hey, I paid for it so it ought
to work!

I guess I need to find some other utility/editor that preserves the
exif information. My Corel Photopaint destroys it if you edit the
image and save. I notice rotating in Windows 'My Pictures' destroys
it too.

Using V 2.0 btw

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