Road Trip: New Orleans

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Road Trip: New Orleans

I was fortunate enough to get to spend last weekend in New Orleans- mostly in and around the French Quarter- and with some actual time just for photography. I took about 800 images which I am only partially done processing- I'll post some of my favorites. If anyone would like to see more they will be on my Flickr set at

Constructive criticism welcome.

Harmonica Player on Jackson Square

The Angel of Grief monument is located in the crypt of Chapman Hymans in Metairie Cemetery. The blue light comes from three stained glass windows inside the mausoleum.

My breakfast every morning I was there. Beignets and Cafe Au Lait from Cafe du Monde. I'm sure the narrow f1.4 DOF was way overkill here but I like it anyway- and it's the only shot I have since it's the only time I remembered to pick up the camera before digging in. :roll:

All I took was 4 prime lenses- 28mm, 50mm, 105mm & 180mm. The first of this Street Guitarist was at 28mm- the next was at 180mm. It's a lot easier to snap candid people shots from far off and the longer lens- but the musicians don't mind as long as you throw a couple bucks in the hat- or the guitar case.

And a few from St. Louis Cathedral- inside and out.

I love the inside of St. Louis Cathedral- unfortunately I only got inside one time the whole weekend- and as you can (maybe) see it was occupied with a wedding rehearsal. Every other time I came back it was occupied with actual weddings and closed to the public. These are kind of selective focus- I have some of the Cathedral ceiling that I will post later.

The nights are a lot of fun there- kind of hard to manually focus (2 of my 4 lenses) with a drink in your other hand though. :lol:

At the Cats Meow- Trying to talk her into Karaoke? Or out of Karaoke?

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