Who actually worries about vignetting?

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Re: Who actually worries about vignetting?

JeanMichel Gariepy wrote:

On most, if not all lens reviews, there is always a section that
deals with vignetting. This is understandable as it's a component of
lens design. What I don't understand is when people make their lens
purchasing decisions on this characteristic. I've even seen people
rate lenses lower because of vignetting.

NEVER in my life have I said to myself, gee if that picture didn't
have so much vignetting (I'm talking the natural kind, not the silly
masks added as filters in front of the lens or in photoshop) it would
be better. In fact, I add minor (virtually unnoticeable) vignetting
to all my shots to make the subject pop.

The complaint I understand the least is when I hear landscape
photographers worrying about vignetting. Frankly, it helps most
landscape pictures I've seen. Not to mention that at the apertures
most photographers shoot scenic shots, the lens would have to have a
serious flaw to vignette.

Only in controlled shoots like studio work could it be an issue. Even
then, smaller apertures are normally used for sharpness anyway.

When I buy lenses, I rarely worry about vignetting. I'm even glad
that my fast glass vignettes. What are your opinions?

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I don't worry about vignetting, but it depends on the amount.

From light rules super zoom test, here's an example of how the super zooms can heavily vignette

Canon's 200mm L lens: http://www.pbase.com/lightrules/image/105823950
Canon's 18-200mm superzoom: http://www.pbase.com/lightrules/image/105823952

I wouldn't "worry" about this, but I'd prefer to have the output of the 200mmL. Wouldn't you?

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