Post processing for LCD projection in 1080P

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Stefan Lindgren Forum Member • Posts: 53
Post processing for LCD projection in 1080P

During a comparing test (posted on my website) of
the Panasonic PT-AE3000 projector witch has 1080P=1920x1080 resolution
and a good old Leica P150 slide projector I started tol wonder if it would be
possible to get an even higher quality image from the Panasonic by feeding it
with better/other way of post processed files.

I my projector head to head battle I scaled all files to 1080px high and
applied some, but not excessive USM.
I compared the projectors and files in several ways.

1. 'slide vs scanned slide in analog vs digital projection' and
2. 'Digital capture vs scanned slide in digital projection'

Does anyone have a better suggestion/experience of post processing for projection in 1080p?
Please let me and others take part of your thoughts and experience.
Want to write an article about it? then contakt me and I might publish it.

Diy freak :0)

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