why a pro left Canon for Nikon

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Re: Because he is NOT a pro

AdamScot wrote:

John A Clark wrote:

The 5D was not, and is not a photojournalist camera,

Actually, it was and it is. If you check Canon's professional
brochure; of the three professional cameras (1Ds3, 1D3 and 5D) they
produced, the 5D was featured as a camera for photojournalism and
weddings. They also implied that it was suitable for most types of
assignment, so I think it's fair to compare it with other cameras
geared towards professional use.

It is very fair to compare it to "cameras for professional use", and it compares favorably. The silly 33ms thing from the article is just nonsense though... one can notice a 10th of a second when one really tries. But one can not notice a 3rd of a 10th of a second as different.

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