why a pro left Canon for Nikon

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you're right, go out & shoot !


i realised that today also when i was shooting various outdoor portraits of an young actress in downtown prague. Primarly i had to care about the location, since somehow i had to get the atmosphere of the city into the pictures... choose the right backround, the right angle, composition, and the light, the light is maybe the first to take care of.... then there is a work with "model" in my case the actress, try to get the best out of her.... a lot of work to do.

yes, the camera and lenses are important, but they're only tools...

i'm kind of crazy about reading all kinds of reviews and forums about photo equipment, i have lot of infos, really a lot, but when it comes to real life shooting those things are handy but there are others much more important like working with model and with the enviroment, and creating some meaningful picture that will be above average....you have to shoot a lot, always be ready to improve, and gain as much experience as possible with real shooting, not sitting home and browsing the internet and get angry because there are new cameras with better iso or so....

everything i shoot with L lenses, but how many L (luxury) pictures i make?..... maybe 5 percent, maybe even less..........:)

good luck to everyone !

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