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Canon admits to their problems?

You mean the way it was denied that the 5D has a manufacturing defect that increases the likelihood its reflex mirror with unseat from the frame for 3 years, then admits it and announces a fix when the camera is replaced by the 5DII, which already incorporates the fix?

Or maybe you mean Canon's early response to the 1DIII AF issue, which was that users learn how to use their new, complex AF system (i.e., the camera's fine, the problem's with the user)?

Or the weak mode dials on the film-era EOS 5/A2/A2E models, which were denied for what seemed like eons and blamed on improper customer use (turning the dial without first depressing the lock release button).

Or how about the current 5DII problem with imbalanced green channel readouts that can lead to random occurrences of moire in images? Have you read the official Canon statement about that one? Neither have I, but I've seen the problem in a handful of my images. (Ironically, it seems very much like the dreaded striping/banding problem of your detested D200 when overexposed significantly, which are the same conditions under which I've had images ruined by moire with the 5DII).

Don't get me wrong, I've used Canon since 1992. I've also used a lot of Nikon gear, and a bit of Minolta for the sake of curiosity and the one consistency is that they all have made big goofs at one time or another, and none of them are eager to admit to problems they can't resolve. You can be assured that any manufacturer that's 'fessing up to a defect in their product has already identified it internally and are near completion of their fix or have already completed it and it's in the late stages of testing.

Stick with Canon long enough and you'll certainly be given a great reason to bail on that brand, too.


ces120777328 wrote:

Why I left Nikon for Canon:

I had hoped that the D200 would replace my Fuji S5 very, very wrong.
The Fuji might be a bit slow but the quality of image is ever so much

Next: I bought Nikon 18-200 VR lens sir #US2548931, one of the very
first one's and paid about $800.00 for it. I then discovered that the
lens did not have lens creep but it actually had fast parachute fall
from most down positions from 200 to 270 degrees. The optics is very
good. I called a Nikon Repair Center in the U.S. and was told by the
technical department that Nikon had old them to tell their customers
that that was normal and called lens creep?? I have owned third party
lenses from Tamron, Tokina and Sigma and most did have some lens
creep but the lens would stay in place when mounted on a tripod and
would hold its zoom. The 18-200 will not hold but just slides till it
bottoms out. When in Taiwan I took it to a local dealer and they sent
it in to their repair department and they came back with Nikon's same
canned answer. Nikon fixed this problem with later lenses but people
like me are stuck with doing business with a disreputable company
like Nikon that does not stand behind their faulty engineering ( DOES
NOT WORK FOR ITS INTENDED PURPOSE) and their warranty is worthless, .
I used Nikon since 1962 all the way to the N90 period and always got
my money’s worth. The Sad phony Sony green channel and excessive
noise in the D200 and faulty 18-200VR lens were enough for me to
change to Canon. I would like to thank DP’s forum as one of the
member told me to wrap the lens barrels with Scotch Tape and I was
truly surprised, it does not cure the problem but it certainly has
made this lens expensive Nikon lens usable. Canon at least admits to
their problems and takes care of them. Were as NIKON will not even
admit to their problems...

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