why a pro left Canon for Nikon

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if you actually READ what he writes

Edymagno wrote:

Lloyd chambers dislikes the 5D2 after using the DX3
Another troll? Yeah, sure.

You will notice a few things. The guy does not like DPP, can't get out of DPP what he wants. He gives NO hints to what he uses for the D3X, or how he uses it.

It is simply a preference for a RAW converter, without going into ANY detail what so ever. So, the example of diglloyd is not a good example at all.

If one does not like DPP, if one can not get the hang of DPP, then just do not use DPP. If one likes Nikon Capture NX2, with control points, and one wants to have the same with a 5D mk II, then one can for instance use Apple Aperture with Nik Viveza plug-in. The guy is a mac user, as far as I understood.

Or, use Nik Viveza in Photoshop.

Just not a real and reliable account of what both cameras are capable of.

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