why a pro left Canon for Nikon

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Re: Not a very good pro

Yamil R. Sued wrote:
Why is it wrong for anyone to blame a bad tool??

If it doesn't work for him, it doesn't!

I have tools that don't work for some situations and work great on

Now...... I didn't read his reason to switch, but......

It is his own choice, and his alone to make. If he decided to switch
, because his previous gear didn't do what he wanted it to do, why is
he wrong??

I'm not married to any brand, I have used them all, and I use what
works for me. The day it stops doing what I want it to do, I get rid
of it and get something else.

Ignoring problems because you are married to a brand is not such a
good idea.

Every system, from DSLR's to Large Format have good points and Bad

When I shot Large Format, I used Sinar and Horseman, they both had
their good and bad points. The Sinar P2 I had was a great camera,
the movements were fantastic and very repeatable, but it was heavy
and hard to transport, so for location, I preferred the Horseman.
It's all using the right tool for the right job.

My buddy, a sports shooter has a ton of Canon Gear 2 MKIII's and
almost every lens form 15mm to the 400/2.8IS, and he also has two
D3's and a 14-24. 24-70, 70-200, 200-400 and a 300/2.8. He uses both
and like me, we both admit the pros oand the cons ove both systems.
When we work together, we carry a ton of gear and switch back & forth
with each other. We know what works and what doesn't.

I'm not going into details on what we like and what we don't, because
I have already figured out that the fanboys here don't really care
for what Pros have to say. I guess that being a fanboy has more
power than 24 years of Professional Experience. But OTOH, sometime
we know what we're saying, because we have done it or have dealt with

Yamil.....that was a great and well balanced response. Also, I think you sussed out and summed up the likes of "Taikonaut" brilliantly here. One look at his postings shows that he is married to Canon and a fanboy of the hopless variety.

As you and your friend has unbiasley and fair mindingly have pointed out...there is a place were both systems actually can work well for people for different jobs. And that they are pros and cons for BOTH systems. Like you, I have used both systems and have nothing but mostly pleasant experiences with BOTH systems.

I guess with Taikonaut...Cameras are like Football teams. You pick one and stay religiously loyal to that team. When one takes on such a mantel, then they view every other team and it's supporters as "the enemy". And they will do everything in their power to ridicule that team or it's supporters for just mearly being on the "opposing" side or for switching to that opposing side. Sadly...that that seems to be his mentality and it is once again clearly demonstrated here. All I can say is that I am thankful and most grateful that I don't have to go through life on a day to day basis in living in that fishbowl frame of mind.
Karl B.

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