Is it possible to make HUGE very good quality 40 inch prints from the Sony A900?

Started Jun 7, 2009 | Discussions thread
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Rob -- interesting...

but if this really worked, it would be creating information which was not originally in the image. Thus we could all do fine with 1.5 MP cameras say 1000 x 1500 up scaled 1000% gives 11000x16500 or 180 MP. Sounds like a free lunch to me :-). I guess one could test it by cropping out 100x150 clip and upscale to 1100x1650 and print it. I'm guessing it would look pretty bad. Fun to think of though. Seems the real question is simply: Is it better to upscale (with clever SW) before printing or let the printer driver do the up scaling. Obviously, if the image consisted of a vector image, I can imagine clever SW doing a good job (eg PDF files). But for random image not so good. Thanks for a fun thread.

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