Is it possible to make HUGE very good quality 40 inch prints from the Sony A900?

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Stitching Images Together or Upscaling One Image?

"Ledgars" said:

"I'm rarely print, but in case of landscapes, I would capture several images and stich them to get necessary pixel density. Therefore, regarding to landscape photography, I didn't see any advantage of larger sensor over smaller other than you need to stick smaller number of images."

I can see the advantages of stitching several different images together, this would give excellent clarity to a very wide landscape photograph, particularly if you were looking at it from a close distance. There would also be no limit to the width of the picture if the software allows you to keep on stitching several images together. Is this the case in practice?

You might also be able to take each picture using a 70mm lens, rather than using, say, a 24 mm lens to give a wider view. This would probably produce much more fine detail in the finished result than you would get by making one big upscaled image taken with a 24mm lens.

One alternative to the above is to use a computer program to upscale the original image by (possibly) several hundred percent. I guess this would also have its advantages, particularly if the whole landscape is not viewed from too close a distance.

In practice, I wonder if many professional photographers would prefer to stitch several images together in preference to upscaling just one image?


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