Is it possible to make HUGE very good quality 40 inch prints from the Sony A900?

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Re: Whart does 1000% upscaling mean?

BertIverson wrote:

If 100% up scaling takes 2000x3000 to 4000x6000 what does 1000% mean?
Would 2000x3000 become 22000x33000 or 40000x60000. Hard to imagine
either being useful except maybe for billboards. Just a curiosity

Hello Bert

I would interpret a 1000% upscaling of 2000 pixels x 3000 pixels to mean that the file size has been increased to 22,000 pixels x 33,000 pixels.

I would be interested to know what the maximum percentage upscaling anyone has achieved in practice without noticing any obvious deterioration of sharpness or overall quality of the picture.

If a Sony A900 image that is 6048 pixels wide is increased in size by 1000%, its new size would be 66,528 pixels (6048 + 60480). Now if you printed this image at 200 pixels per inch (ppi) this would produce a print size that is 332.64 inches wide (about 8.5 metres or 27.7 feet).

So there would be no need to stitch together several different images if you can get one image that can be blown up sharply by 1000%.


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