Pixel density - can the playing field be leveled???

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Re: The answer of your question is right here

Johan Borg wrote:

Graystar wrote:

Jay Turberville wrote:

For instance, simply scaling an image from a 15Mp sensor camera to
10Mp will typically lose almost no image detail even though the pixel
count is reduced by 50%.

I don’t believe that. I tried it and there is a clear, visible loss
of detail when the pixel count is reduced by 50%.

That must have been a typo, the pixel count here is reduced by 33%.

Jay slipped but I believe he really meant 50%. My comments were based on both a review of the G10 (14.7MP) and LX3( 10MP) RAW images, and a review of my previously posted yo80.jpg image reduced from 7.1MP to 3.55MP.

Also, the RAW
images of the LX3 and G10 test images from Imaging Resource clearly
show that the G10 contains more detail.

Here you misunderstand: The 15mp camera will hold more detail than an
image from a 10mp camera. What Turberville says is that the image
from the 15mp camera will even hold more detail after it has been
scaled down to 10mp (in particular due to the CFA interpolation).

In order to prove that you’d need to include an image that contains close up detail of one area of the scene. This image will be used as a control when comparing the 10MP downsampled image against the 10MP image from a 10MP sensor, to ensure that the detail displayed is actually detail and not noise/artifacts. But no one ever provides such an image when they post their comparative images.

I’ve taken a 7.1 MP image, resized to 3.2 MP and compared it to an equally framed image from a 3.2MP camera. I resized using the various methods, as described on Sean McHugh’s website cambridgeincolour.com, and others sites. I’ve yet to see the resized image contain anything that amounts to more detail.

But I’m willing to learn something new. Show me the images that demonstrate what you say, and tell me how you made them.

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