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Leica and Jim

I am thinking about the artistic photograph Jim made using his Leica M8 and Photoshop CS3. I have found that I just take things as they are presented to me because I actually thought Jim had made such a wonderfull exposure of the Streetcar in it's hanger. If I had painted it as well as his image looked I would be very satisfied. Eventually after continued reading in that thread I came accross the part where Jim said he had photoshoped the image and that's how he dodged and burned the exposure. Still all in all I was satisfied with his work. It made no difference to me how he got to the end look.

Later Jim said his printer made a mess of the image and he was going to send it out to a printer.

Well what I am trying to say is I think that Jim is seeing the limitations of the M8 and is fustrated by them. Perhaps that is what is driving him to be thinking about Leica being more inovative and producing a better camera, also one that he and all of us can afford to own. Even if it's second hand.

Now I want to offer only one comment. I think Jim should start carring a light weight hiqh quality full size tripod. Then when his eye see's something interesting to photograph, he can mount the M8 on the tripod and shoot at an ISO that will enable his Leica M8 to capture what his eye see's and in a quality that he can make a print.

Oskar Barnack did it with his Field Camera and it was too much weight to carry around. This led him to create the 35mm film camera known as the UR-Leica. The company he worked for was in the microscope business and it's leader Earnst Leitz II supported the production of a Leica (Leitz Camera).

Now I think the M8 is absolutly in the tradition of the Leica M cameras, except that it is digital and for now the sensor is a 1.3 crop of full frame. Thankfully the M8 is much smaller and lighter in weight than a wooden field camera, so just carring a carbon fiber tripod should not be too much of an extra burden for Jim to ask of himself. It's worth the investment as he has the skill and the Leica.

I look foward to these images from our friend Jim Radcliff. Perhaps a few more of us will take our photography to this level.
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