why a pro left Canon for Nikon

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Re: why a pro left Canon for Nikon

It's noticeably more sluggish than a 1 series, at least in subjective feel. I don't know if I'd miss anything though because of it, on a single-shot to single-shot basis of course. It does seem subjective to translate the "feel" he gets from the 33ms difference and de facto state that one couldn't do what the other does. Not to say that the D700 doesn't look like a fabulous camera, but the writer's POV has little value to me in his context.

David Hull wrote:

Does it make any difference when shooting anything else, from your
own experience? The one thing I liked about my 20D is the almost
non-existant shutter lag and almost instantanious power up time. I
don't shoot sports but I have shot things like sports, airplanes,
birds in flight, etc. and have never had a complaint about the
shutter lag in any modern DSLR (Canon or Nikon).

It seems that if this guy was worried about "missing the shot" that
would be what the multi-shot drive is for. I doubt that there is
anyone who's reaction time is fast enough when pushing the shutter
release to notice a 33ms difference.

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