why a pro left Canon for Nikon

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Re: why a pro left Canon for Nikon

davepics wrote:

take a look at this review, surely Canons cannot be this bad at
focusing, I believe Nikon have been offering crazy trade in prices
for Canon equipment to get pros back into their system, anyone back
me up?

I think the main reason for the switch was the D3. It is as low or lower in noise than the 5D, but it has a much better body, more features, much higher frame rate and better AF than the 5D. The D3 is better than the 1DMKIII, not because of the AF, but because of more and bigger pixels and the two cameras are about the same price, making the D3 a terrific value (although it is overpriced nonetheless) Don't underestimate the advantage of full frame. The 5DII sells like hot cakes because it is full frame.

The D3 does not have as many pixels as the 1DS MKIII, but it is thousands of dollars less. The D3X is in the same predicament as the 1DSMKIII since sales are slow due to its high price. To sum up, the D3 is a unique product that Canon did not, and has not matched. Nikon has not matched the 5DMKII either, but that is another story.

As for the giveaways and the incentives, they are not the main reason for the switch. I doubt that most pros will switch to Canon if they are given the original 5D body in exchange for their D3. After all, a pro needs tools. The D3 is a better tool than most of Canon's offerings either because it is lower in price (than the 1DSMKIII) or because it is a better camera (than the 1D or 5D).

Nevertheless, you have to feel sorry for the serious amateurs who probably helped pay for the giveaways by having shell out $5 per copy of the D3.

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