why a pro left Canon for Nikon

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Re: why a pro left Canon for Nikon

GazzaJagman wrote:

Yes, i got a call from Nikon offering me a direct trade in too. Old
for new, but as much as I like the D700, my 5DII and 5D's are fab
cameras. As tempting her offer was, Nikon don't have the prime
selection that Canon offers.

That's what keeps me from casually migrating to Nikon. Their primes are fine optically but many still have the old screwdriver or non-ultrasonic focus systems. Nikon people will tell you there's nothing wrong with this and they focus without problems but none will disagree that it's a step down from lenses with built-in modern ultrasonic motors.

The 135mm f2 (my favorite lens) is a good example of this dilemma. It costs more than Canon's USM version but it has an old focus motor and Nikon has apparently discontinued it. Maybe they'll be releasing an AFS version of it soon.

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