Looking for info on taking great landscape photos...

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Re: Looking for info on taking great landscape photos...

RaffiNYC wrote:

I just picked up my first DSLR (Canon Rebel 450D EOS Xsi). I
understand the basics of shutter speed, aperture, etc, but I am
missing the skills on how to put it all together. I can't find any
good websites with good info on how to take landscape photos.

Please let me know if you know of any sites that have good info on
this subject. Thanks

One tip based on experience - if you are using a wide-angle lens, remember that it will be 'wide' vertically as well as horizontally. While being very excited about getting so much of a broad landscape into the frame, it's easy to forget the foreground, and many wide-angle shots suffer from a compositional vacuum in the lower and central part of the shot. Wide-angle lenses place emphasis on the foreground, which can be a bit counter-intuitive at first. Many people grab a wide-angle lens for landscape photography, but they are quite tricky to use effectively.

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