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Re: Diffraction cutoff frequency

DSPographer wrote:

Stan Prevost wrote:

Not sure what you mean by "much coarser", it is 22 percent coarser,
1.00 vs 0.82 of the Airy radius, assuming that you are using the
Rayleigh Criterion as the commonly cited diffraction blur (24.2%

No, the Nyquist spacing is two pixels per cycle at the diffraction
cutoff which is 0.41 of the Rayleigh criteria.

Yes, but that is not what I said. At that point, I was talking about the diffraction blur, not how we sample it, as is clear from the last phrase in the paragraph.

I agree with two pixels per resolution cycle, as was clear from my agreement with your pixel spacing numbers.

Anyway, we seem to agree on this, my only point was to perhaps moderate the "much coarser" characterization, and to verify what you were using as a reference as the commonly cited diffraction limit.



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