Looking for info on taking great landscape photos...

Started Jun 8, 2009 | Discussions thread
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Re: Looking for info on taking great landscape photos...

Michael, Thank you for your kind words. I certainly do not want us to "highjack" this thread, but I must say, openly, that we seem to share a similar philosophy of photography. Yes, there is much too much emphasis upon equipment and technique - all important matters, of course - but too little emphasis upon the much broader aspects of photos that have a broad and lasting appeal. On the other hand, anyone should be free to produce whatever photo they wish without being condemned for using that freedom.

I suspected that you had some experience with teaching photography. I teach art at a small college. About a year ago, I developed a separate course for students interested in entering photography. Entitled "Basic Optics and Fundamentals of Photography," the course provides a firm foundation upon which any well-motivated newcomer may build. Without a firm grounding in the basics, a "newbie" will be condemned to floundering around in a sea of confusion, misinformation and disappointment. Thanks again for your useful input.

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