Looking for info on taking great landscape photos...

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Re: Looking for info on taking great landscape photos...

Thanks for the praise, JudyTee; with me, flattery will get you wherever you want to go.

I don't teach photography, although a few years ago I did take over the final six weeks of an Into to Photo class, when the instructor (an acquaintance of mine) had to bow out for medical reasons. Mostly, I've just had a keen interest in photography since the days when Windows wasn't even a gleam in Bill Gates' eye, and "digital" meant "using your fingers."

For the most part, I have only limited interest in the gear aspects of photography, and typically care much more about an exhibit of the photographs of Alfred Stieglitz at a local museum, or a new book on Walker Evans work with the WPA Artists Project, than I am about news that Canon may be adopting a new DIGIC engine, or that Nikon is introducing a new lens with 3% higher resolution than its predecessor.

I mean, I follow the hardware issues well enough that I can choose equipment without being completely lost, and I can even use Photoshop CS3 with reasonable skill. It's just that...if I follow the Tour de France, I'm mostly interested in the race, and not so much in the bicycles the athletes are riding.

The forums here are, in many cases, very much hardware-oriented. Which is fine, and a perfectly valid perspective. But it's not my preferred perspective. At least, not all the time it isn't. So maybe that's why sometimes I'll toss out a reply that differs somewhat from most of the others.

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