Is it possible to make HUGE very good quality 40 inch prints from the Sony A900?

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Re: Just lurking and learning -- a question

BertIverson wrote:

If I crop out a section of my photo 1920 by 1200, would my 100 PPI
monitor (1920x1200) not give a good preview of what a print at 100
PPI would look? Or simply zoom in to 100% on my 100 PPI monitor?

Hello Bert, I agree that you should use a program like Photoshop to enlarge the image to 100% before you print it. This will certainly show whether the image is sharply focussed at 100% and whether it is capable of being printed as large as, say, 45 inches.

On my 17" 1920 x 1200 laptop screen, a Sony A900 image which is 6048 pixels wide, measures "on screen" as 287mm wide, using Photoshop at 25% enlargement. At 100% enlargement, the image measures "on screen" as 1148mm wide, which is 45.2 inches. Now these measurements are not the same on other sized computer screens that I have tried, but they are reasonably similar.

On this web page:

there is an example of a 100% crop of about 10% of an A900 6048 pixel image (it measures 600 pixels wide). When I print this image at a size of 4.5 inches (the size at which it appears on my laptop screen) the print looks almost exactly the same, in sharpness, colour, and contrast to the image that I see on my computer screen.

Therefore, in this example, the pixels per inch (ppi) are 133 (600 divided by 4.5 inches). If I want to see how the cropped image looks at 100ppi, I need to print it at a width of 6 inches, and if I want to see how it looks at 150ppi, I need to make the print 4 inches wide.


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