Do I need a canon warranty card to send in to canon

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Newspaper Man
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follow up... IF it's not an authorized dealer NO!

they (canon USA) will only honor 1-year warranty coming from their authorized dealer AND WHO DOES NOT SELL grey market products...

that's why they fixed mine FREE...

the warranty will be based on the USA Warranty print (with serial number, model)... only found in the Warranty Card

i did not fully read your post... i based my answer from your subject...

i will NOT buy from an authorized dealer!

Newspaper Man wrote:

i called them first...

all they asked me is where i bought the item from... they want to
find out if it's their authorized dealer... which is

i just provided them with transaction/invoice/proof of purchase from

a letter explaining i lost my warranty card...

and they fixed my lens FREE (under warranty)... last July 2008...

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