Pixel density - can the playing field be leveled???

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Re: Pixel density - can the playing field be leveled???

John made an important point, the lens capabilities and performance
has to be factored in. Having had a chance to run a 40D and 50D side
by side for a bit, I see no need to update the 40D. In the real world
using A3 prints there was not much in it.

My general rule of thumb is that you pretty much need to double pixel density to get what I would consider a truly significant improvement in image detail. So the jump from 3Mp to 6Mp was obviously worthwhile while the jump from 6Mp to 8Mp really wasn't that big of a deal. The jump from 10Mp to 15Mp is borderline in my book and would probably only matter much if you were frequently using very fine lenses near their optimal aperture. This is one reason I've been in no rush to update my 8Mp 4/3s cameras. 12Mp will provide a measurable and visible improvement in resolution, but in real world pictures, as you've experienced, there's not much in it.

If I had a 40D I'd only purchase a 50D if it had some new feature I wanted badly enough. I wouldn't purchase it for the extra resolution. If I was already unhappy with the resolution of the 40D, I'd be looking for something with at least 20Mp. If I was purchasing a Canon SLR for the first time, the extra resolution of the 50D would be a factor, but only a small one. The extra noise per pixel would not be a factor at all.

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