Pixel density - can the playing field be leveled???

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Re: Yes, the same or better (by sqrt(2))

Ola Forsslund wrote:

It means that people commonly getting fooled by comparing images of
different sizes! They do this by watching pixels at '100% zoom',
ignoring the fact that the higher MP image is bigger.

Another aspect of this problem is that many people who take sensor:monitor pixel unity as a given assume that higher pixel density sensors are "meant" to be cropped further, so they justify 100% pixel magnification to be the valid point of comparison. This is totally illogical, because this comparison represents a deeper crop of the higher-density sensor; it is held to a higher standard.

This is like saying that a Porsche is meant to accelerate a lot faster than a Prius, so it is a more disappointing car in traffic jams. The traffic (lack of focus, lens sharpness, camera stability, subject motion, and diffraction) are the limiting factors. The Porsche does as good or better as the Prius in traffic. The fact that it can do better is what is relevant; not the fact that it isn't always possible to take advantage.

A crop 20% as wide as the entire frame from a 50D has much more potential than a crop of 20% of a 40D, but these illogical folks think it would be fair to compare the 40D at 27%, instead of 20% as for the 50D.

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