Pixel density - can the playing field be leveled???

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Re: Pixel density - can the playing field be leveled???

As a general rule, yes. If all other things could be held equal, they would be equivalent. Of course, in a real world example, all other things are never held equal.

In the case of a 15Mp vs. a 10Mp sensor from the same maker, odds are good that the 15Mp sensor will do just as well via downsizing while offering higher resolution when desired. This is especially more likely since the 15Mp sensor is almost surely newer. So its a win/win.

BTW, the DPReview blog on the topic has been pretty thoroughly debunked. My own experiments show that I get very close to the same DR and noise on a sensor area basis when comparing an 8Mp 2/3" CCD to an 8Mp 4/3" CCD. The smaller 2/3" CCD has four times the pixel density.

I can post those examples if you wish. I've done so in the past. They don't prove the point, but given the dramatic difference in pixel densities, I think it is very strong supporting evidence.

And, BTW, the pixel density difference between a 15Mp and 10Mp sensor really isn't that great. So as a practical matter, I would worry too much about it either way if it is a choice like that you are concerned about.

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