Raw vs JPEG myths #1 -- JPEGs can't be fixed

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Re: Raw vs JPEG myths #1 -- JPEGs can't be fixed

TEBnewyork wrote:

I've never seen anything written about jpegs using less battery power
and that is counter intuitive because for jpegs there is a lot more
processing happening and not a simple write to the card.

It's true, nevertheless. In fact, the Nikon D300 manual specifically notes (p. 415) that shooting in NEF (Nikon's RAW format) will reduce battery life. I think the reason is simply that the camera always produces some kind of a JPEG, whether you shoot RAW or not, but writing the larger RAW file to the external memory card takes more juice. This is not really counter-intuitive IMHO, if you think about the amount of time the write indicator light blinks while clearing the buffer after RAW shots vs. JPEG's. And when manufacturers want to advertise the longest possible battery life in terms of shots, they will usually state this number for their "JPEG Basic" format, rather than the highest quality.

For all of those who say/insist that RAW images take a lot of work, I
say bullocks. The RAW developers available today give very useable
images with very little if any work (my Sony 900 images I look at and
go wow and don't want to touch them). It actually takes longer to PP
a JPEG file because you constantly have to make sure you aren't
introducing artifacts.
Seems like the people who RAW is so hard haven't done much with it

I agree that today's RAW development tools are faster and easier to use than those from several years ago. I think processing an 8-bit JPEG image in, say, Photoshop, does require less processing time than for a RAW file; but you're probably right that JPEG's may require extra thought time on the photographer's part to take into account the existing impairments. In Lightroom, though, the processing steps for JPEG and RAW are pretty much the same, except that JPEG's can use fewer options.

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