Is it time to sell my Nikon D80

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Is it time to sell my Nikon D80? . . . Only if you have a hole in your pocket!

CeeDave wrote:

The D90 and D5000 are one upgrade from your D80 (the D5000 is essentially a
reconfigured D90, with respect to image quality, as far as I can tell).

Actually, the D5000 is a downgrade from a D80 and is really a modified D60 body, not a modified D80 body.

The only thing the D5000 and the D90 share is the same imaging sensor and HD video capability.

To the OP:

Unless it is the HD video, CMOS sensor, more megapixel or the flip-screen of the new Nikon D5000, there really is no reason for you to upgrade.

Not to mention that Nikon and Canon's live view implementations both suck, so that really is not that big of a reason to switch.

Going from the D80 to the D5000 is definately a step backwards if you enjoy the easy functionality of the D80 body as you'll find yourself navigating the menus more frequently with the D5000.

Unless you just have a lot of money burning a hole in your wallet and you feel the need to spend a bunch of it.

And choosing between the Canon T1i (500D) and the Nikon D5000 . . . personal choice, I guess.

I personally don't like the Canon . . . never have liked any of the Rebel's.

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