5d mk2 timelapse - vancouver, BC

Started Jun 4, 2009 | Discussions thread
keane_ Regular Member • Posts: 387
Re: 5d mk2 timelapse - vancouver, BC

Love the night time one you have on flickr.

I may have another go, a night one next, hopefully the exposure
jitter on longer exposures will be less obvious.

It's quite fun to try new things like this, but i'm slightly worried
about killing my shutter too soon. Maybe i'll practice on my p&s with
a chdk script.

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Geoff pedder

That is also one of my favourites - if I had realised it would look that cool with the cloud cover I'd have left it running for a few more hours : )

I know what you mean about the shutter. Even considered buying an old 300D for this kind of stuff but then my shutter trigger wont work...

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