From DXOMark: More pixels offsets noise3

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Re: From DXOMark: More pixels offsets noise3

John Sheehy wrote:

plevyadophy wrote:

Now my friend, that there is what I am talking about

To print at 4 x 6 on a 20+ Mpix cam to get a decent image, to my mind
is rubbish. Ergo, that ISO25.6K setting is a waste of space; just
there as marketing so they don't look as though they are losing out
to Nikon. Silly really.

Maybe the problem is YOU ; maybe you have unrealistic expectations
of high ISO. Anyway, I was talking about not seeing noise at all;
not "a decent photo". I can get a "decent photo" at 4x6
under-exposing to ISO 100,000.

If you're shooting in extremely low light, it is very stupid to shoot
at low ISOs and get subject or camera motion blur, if that is not
your intent. High ISOs are there for a reason; to get non-open
apertures and/or faster shutter speeds in very low light. Cameras
need not have any limit to high ISO; all you need is reasonable
expectations about what you can do with the images.

OK since you couch it in those terms then yeah I will have to agree with you.

To me, there are only two mega-high ISO cams,
and that's the Nikon D700 and D3, alll other cams are just pretenders
to the throne

That's fanatical nonsense.

An unfortunate misuse of the English language my friend.

The use of the term "fanatical" in the context of what I said implies that I am a Nikon fanboy. Well, as I pointed out earlier, I don't OWN any Nikon gear (and never have done, and there is only a slim chance that I ever will); I am actually primarily a Sony shooter.

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