Sigma 24-70mm Lens Model info ISSUE

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Re: Sigma 24-70mm Lens Model info ISSUE

It's not a bug.

Third party lens manufacturers "borrow" lens id codes from recognised Sony/Minolta lenses.

Interestingly, RAW Photo Processor (Mac) reports my Sigma 70-200 HSM as "Third Party Tamron/Sigma". I haven't checked what IDC reports it as.

christophorosp wrote:

Hi all has anyone faced the following weird and annoying issue?
About six months ago i started using Apple's Aperture and lately i
just noticed that all my imported images (RAW) display "Minolta AF
28-80mm F3.5-5.6 (D)" as Lens Model where as the lens i was using was
the "Sigma 24-70mm EX DG". Thinking that this might be Apple's fault
i had a go with SONY's IDC. Strangely, Sony's software reports the
same thing.
Anyone else using third party lenses faces this particular behavior?
Who should i contact to report the bug (Sony, Sigma, Apple)?
Thanks a lot in advance

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