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Re: Terms - not too confusing

natureman wrote:

How can you consider that the same magnification?

It is not a magnification, as in, it was one size and now it is another. It is magnification, as in, it is presented at a certain size.

If one image is
downsampled (or upsampled), and the other is not, to match the sizes
of the images, the magnifications are not the same.

The image sizes may be, which is all that matters.

Let's say there are two rooms. One is ten feet by six feet, the other
is ten feet by ten feet. If you're looking at the entirety of each
room (100%), are they the same size? If you hide or remove a portion
of the ten by ten room so that it matches the ten by six room in
size, are you still seeing 100% of the ten by ten room?

Rooms are the size they are. Images have no size, until you GIVE them size.

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