First SLR purchase - D40/D60/Canon Rebel XS

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Re: First SLR purchase - D40/D60/Canon Rebel XS

As a D40 owner, here are some other things you might consider:

  • Forget the 55-200 lens for now. If you find that you (she) want a lens with more zoom, buy it later. Some people find they don't need telephoto as much, and would better benefit from a good flash.

  • Instead, just buy a decent SD memory card, a nice carrying case, and an extra battery. Be sure the case has a bit of room for stuff you buy later You'll still have a bit of money left over, and you'll have a relatively "complete package." Once you know what you like to take pictures of and once you understand the limitations of the kit lens/flash, then you can decide what needs improvement first.

A friend of mine bought the 55-200 lens, but is much happier with his purchase of the SB-400 flash because he uses that much more.

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