Blinded by digital?

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Re: Blinded by digital?

Sylvana wrote:

That, and
further readings regarding digital storage issues, dead hard dives
etc, has prompted me to rethink my approach to digital as the sole
image capture method.

I don't trust hard drives for long-term stuff, nor flash media that is 'online' and used daily; far too iffy. So my storage has to be 'offline'.

For me, buying good quality CDs and DVDs hasn't resulted in data loss that wasn't caused by my own stupidity (poor handling). I have CDs recorded since 1997 that play as well now as they did then and I have yet to have trouble with Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim DVDs. Your mileage may vary, as they say.

For my uses, film is totally out of the question; convenience (changing rolls of film? no thanks), instant gratification (see the shot I got), low cost (paying for film and processing?) and experimentation (let's try this, it will cost nothing) all essentially out the window with film - as an amateur here - no thank you I say, though I would love some more quality Nikon glass

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