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Re: From DXOMark: More pixels offsets noise3

Kuivaamo wrote:

I think the point is that reviews that concentrate on 100 % views
give the impression that the higher pixel density cameras perform
worse at high ISO than the lower pixel density ones;

Well, there are cases where lower density does perform better, noise-wise at high ISOs, but that usually only happens comparing, say, a FF like the 5D2 to the 50D. The 5D2 has less read noise per unit of sensor area at ISOs above 400 or so, but, of course, it is a much more expensive camera and that may be due to better electronics at the sensor (although they seem to be worse at late stage going into the ADC). Generally speaking, camera series or lines do not get noisier at the image level at high ISOs when density is increased. They either improve, or stay the same, in most cases.

this can put
off buyers who aren't going to do their own rigorous tests. But if
you can make the higher pixel density camera produce an image that is
of equal quality (by NR/blur + downsample), you're not giving up
anything by choosing the higher pixel density camera.

You never HAVE to do that; just displaying the full res image small does all of the "noise reduction" necessary - the only reason to downsample is to display an image or crop small on a COARSE DISPLAY DEVICE .

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