HVLP guns for print coating? airbrush?

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Re: HVLP guns for print coating? airbrush?

xilvar wrote:

So I was thinking about getting an airbrush to do my coating as I'm
not super happy with the various aerosol sprays. Reading up on it, it
seems that the most recent advance in air guns is the HVLP guns.
(high volume low pressure)

I found a variety of different small HVLP kits that might work... I
was wondering if anyone has any experience using them to coat prints?
Or possibly using an airbrush to do it? Or maybe the 'high volume' is
too much? and I should use an LVLP gun?

My problem with the aerosol sprays is that even with the high quality
nozzles on the clearstar ones for example, they will sometimes 'spit'
tiny beads onto the print. They're also really hard to use to spray a
print when they are relatively low on coating due to the angle
involved. Thus I end up wasting a fair amount of coating in the end...


George, if you choose to not tilt the photo when using the last part in the aerosol spray cans, then you will certainly have exactly what you described.

I tilt my photos and can use the "last part" in the cans without issue. Doing this requires the photo being sprayed to be laying on a firm (or rigid) material of some type so to not have to try to hold the photo uniform and flat for spraying. I use the DEFT Clear Gloss which is a Clear Lacquer Spray in an open area (my shop area) with appropriate fan(s) and ventilation since it has a "not good smell" -- but the results are very good.

I have a large Air Compressor as well as good quality Spray Guns but for my "usually low volume" the clean up is not worth using it for my Photos -- so I use the cans most of the time unless I have a larger number of photos at one session. Using the aerosol cans is more costly but somewhat faster for me.

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