From DXOMark: More pixels offsets noise3

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Re: From DXOMark: More pixels offsets noise3

plevyadophy wrote:

From a practical perspective it struck me as "hocus pocus mumbo
jumbo". I mean really (!), who on earth buys a high res camera so
that they can print at lower resolution/smaller print sizes so as to,
as they call it, "normalize" the noise/data/image. Really?!!!!
[raised eyebrow]

I think the point is that reviews that concentrate on 100 % views give the impression that the higher pixel density cameras perform worse at high ISO than the lower pixel density ones; this can put off buyers who aren't going to do their own rigorous tests. But if you can make the higher pixel density camera produce an image that is of equal quality (by NR/blur + downsample), you're not giving up anything by choosing the higher pixel density camera. Instead you gain resolution at low ISO's. You can then focus on other criteria that matter to you, instead of going "oh noe's, I like this camera but the extra megapixels are going to hurt IQ".

It's all about being informed enough to make the right choices. Nothing nerdy or hocus pocus about it.

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