Olympus u4/3rds... who is considering it? What are your reqs?

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Re: The real question is: .....

Raist3d wrote:

A question for you- if you have seen the e-410 or e-420
bodies, (or e-400 for that matter), how much smaller than that would
you be thinking (realistically) and I guess bigger than a Panasonic

That's the $60m question. And lenses factor into the equation, too. Once you stick a non-collapsible 28-85mm equivalent on a 4/3 or APS body, you end up with something that isn't really pocketable. I draw the distinction on how I carry it. If it has to hang on a strap around my neck then a smaller size doesn't really enter much into the equation for me. Weight becomes more of a factor then. And proportion and feeling right in hand while traditional shooting (looking through viewfinder) comes into play.

I almost always have big pockets available to me. Either a vest or a jacket or sometimes even cargo pockets on my pants/shorts. Likewise the small fanny pack I wear when running/biking. If the camera and lens combos I want fit there, I have a winner. The LX3, G10, Ricoh G200, even DP2 all fall into that category. All have liabilities that I think m4/3 would solve, though.

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