Olympus u4/3rds... who is considering it? What are your reqs?

Started Jun 1, 2009 | Discussions thread
jackbw Senior Member • Posts: 1,702
Pocketable and useful

Pocketable -- I hope to put the body in one pocket, then a pancake lens in another. If it's not pocketable I rather just use a compact DSLR or film SLR. The K-7 might be my next DSLR, but I'm looking at the Oly m4/3 as a pocket-sized second camera. There's a good chance the 2nd camera might even get more use than the main camera.

Useful -- Not annoyingly slow like the Sigma DP1. It has to be ergonomic and responsive. Also, if they could make in-body IS work with adapted lenses, and have an effective manual focus aid by zooming at the focus point in live view, I'd like to use some of my M42 and K-mount lenses on it. I think my normal lenses would make better portrait lenses in m4/3 than in APS-C. I know Oly would rather sell their own lenses, but they should also think about users coming from other mounts and taking tentative first steps.

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