D3 does Bugatti Veyron......

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Karl K Grambow Regular Member • Posts: 161
Re: Karl K Grambow......

Indeed, opening up the apperture will give a more stationary look to your shots, which you want to avoid for side-on shots. But you can get away with it for frontal shots. And of course the other thing you can do is get a longer lens like the 600mm ;-). Before I switched to Nikon I was using the 600mm on Canon and that lens does make a difference.

Generally speaking I start with wide open'ish appertures to get my eye in and to get a few bankers and then I start stopping down to get the panning shots. Eventually I start to experiment by going with a really small apperture to get shutter speeds down to 1/60 or slower. That pretty much renders the background to a complete blur.

Some circuits are easier than others where you can position yourself such that there is naturally a lot of seperation between subject and background - and then you don't need to worry about the smaller appertures.

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