Updated ZS3 Thoughts and Comments

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Updated ZS3 Thoughts and Comments

I just spent a week on the road with my ZS3 and have updated my ZS3 thoughts and comments site with additional info and a bunch of pictures.

Check out


Some example added content:

Battery Life: I suggest watching out for the following. When the camera enters power save mode, you cannot tell the difference between this mode (power save) and actual power off. Unless you are careful, you might end up putting the camera into a tight area (pocket? case?) only to find out that the shutter button gets bumped and it attempts to extend the lens! Sure, you can look at the physical power switch, but accidents occur.

Miscellaneous: There is no way to manually turn the display completely off (and keep the camera on). This seems like an oversight to me.

Miscellaneous: When reviewing images, the camera does not always identify the current item is a picture or a video. If you are not paying attention, you might look at the still from a video and say "that's a terrible picture" and delete it. The camera does not tell you that you are deleting a video or a still, it gives you the same confirm dialog. This also seems like an area for improvement.

LCD: I'm pleased to report that while on my trip, the LCD worked great. I had no trouble using the LCD in daylight. In real shooting conditions it held up as will as it did in my initial tests.

Video: added links to 3 HD videos on youtube

... Altan

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